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Buy an existing Business

Buying an existing business can have several advantages.


First, many of the challenges like zoning, building, and establishing a client base have been established. Second, It has a track record so you can analyze the businesses revenue and profitability. This can reduce your risk, and make the financing of the business easier than it is for a start-up.

As with any purchase, you need to be cautious, and do your due diligence on the building condition, the financials, and the reputation of the business.  Consumer ratings of these existing businesses can usually be found on Google, Angie’s List, sometimes the Better Business Bureau, and other sites.

Do an Internet search on “Buying a Boarding Kennel”, there are a number of sources for listings………here are a few to get you started ( but not recommended one way or another by ourselves )………and, if you need some assistance on evaluating a business, or doing some upgrades to take a facility to the next level, contact us to help you.


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