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Just Do It


It can be done !! On your own. But it’s a bit complicated………and a bit of a headache !!

We did it, but would do it with help if we had to do it over.

Here is our story : Beginning in 2003, Renee began “following her bliss” and focused on her passion for dogs and starting her own business. Her previous corporate experience proved invaluable in creating and operating a state-of-the art luxury dog hotel and daycare where every guest experience is personalized to exceed expectations.

Two years was spent devising a compelling business plan, securing an investor and financing, conducting a competitive analysis and focus groups, researching the area for the ideal site, working with the city on zoning and construction design approval, designing the building and outdoor areas and evaluating contractors.

Renee "helping" the guys.....

Groundbreaking ensued in September 2005. Renee acted as project leader throughout the construction and was on-site almost every day, constantly coordinating the details and negotiating with the contractors. It was well worth the effort, as Ruffin’ It Resort’s grand opening in April 2006 was a huge success with large crowds and excellent PR coverage.

 Renee has worked tirelessly on operating and growing the business. Reflecting back, she wishes someone with true Boarding Industry experience would have been available to help her do things right the first time, for despite her research and best efforts, there have been a number of “if only I had known” moments during the past few years.

Renee figures she could have saved a minimum of $65k if a knowledgeable consultant had been available.

“I don’t want anyone to go through the hassles and learning curve I experienced. That’s why Best In Show Consulting was born. It’s rewarding to see all the pieces come together and watch the doors open of a new luxury hotel/daycare based on that client’s vision… and knowing they are prepared and and trained to operate the resort.”

So, you can “just do it”; we are one of many who did.

But remember, even if you want to do most of it by yourself, you can obtain help in some specific areas……

see our “Services and Packages” page, and feel free to “cherry pick” any specific components of our products and services where you feel you need the most help.


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