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 You may “Cherry Pick” any part(s) of any stage:


It’s a bit overwhelming at the beginning of a project this big.  There is so much to consider that people often don’t know where to start. That is why our approach is to start breaking the process down into more manageable Stages, and steps within each Stage.  Spend some time looking through our web-site, particularly our Stage One and Stage Two components, and you will see that a logical, step by step process is available to assist you.



Stage One: Business Plan thru Financing Approval. Click here to see how we can help on location, Building design and meterials, developing a Financial plan, a marketing plan, and writing a great business plan




We have developed a Pet Care Facility Materials and Suppliers Reference Guide.  This will help to get you pointed in the right direction in identifying everything from Architectural design providers, Logo and Web-site design help, kennels, beds, flooring, reservation software, cleaning systems, flooring, and much, much more.  We belive it will save you countless hours of trying to find who / where to go, and you’ll see a number of great products and services you wouldn’t guess were out there……click here to Check it out 




Stage Two: Financing Approval thru Doors Open. Click here to see how we will help prepare you with “Best In Show” Policies and Procedures, Human Resources manuals, I.T. infrastructure and sourcing, and on the job training





Stage Three: Doors Open to Profitability We can help with issues and questions that arise after you open.  We can help you analyze your business, work on problem areas and develop business solutions. Contact us to discuss your specific situation, and how we could be of assistance.




Contact us for assistance customized to your specific needs!

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