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Pet Facility Materials & Suppliers Reference Guide 



If you have ever been involved in building a new house, you know the many, many decisions that are required.  Building a pet care facility also has many decisions to make, some of them fairly technical, and unlike building a house, there are few local builders with experience in this area, leaving you to take the lead. Many of our clients ask “where do I even get started….?

We can help with our Best in Show Consulting Pet Facility Materials and Suppliers Reference Guide.

This reference guide can get you pointed in the right direction, and save you countless hours of searching for sources in the following categories :

  • Architects and Builders
  • Flooring
  • Custom Kennels
  • HVAC ( Heating, Ventillation and Air Conditioners )
  • Beds
  • Logo and Web-site Design
  • Reservation Software
  • Cleaning Systems
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Pet First Aid
  • Insurance
  • Payroll and Credit Card Processing
  • Custom Accessories…….and more

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