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Stage 1

Business Plan to Financing Approval


If you are considering opening a pet care business, it must be because you feel that your targeted area is lacking something.  As such, you have already started your competitive review, which is one of the first steps of a business plan. Now you need to formalize it to ensure that you are looking at all of the competitors, their pricing and offerings, and the quality of their facility and service.  This will show your investors / bank that you understand the market, and how you will provide a better offering for customers in your area.

Best In Show consulting can assist with all elements of planning your business as follows:


Doing a competitive Review, site selection and determining your “Points of Difference”

  • Competitive Review of your area–Competitive Review Template
  • Number of competitors, Locations, Services offered
  • Pricing by competitive offering
  • Implications for Client Business
  • Your  targeted location evaluation
  • Determine client competitive advantage/key selling points


 For a more comprehensive discussion of site selection and zoning, click here


Then, as you consider a potential site—–whether renovating an existing space or building something new, you need to also be developing your vision, both as to a facility and a financial plan.  We will help, with :


….. your Building Design…….Best in Show can provide :

  •  Assistance with building design and layout
  • Assistance with selection of building materials
  • Interior decor recommendations
  • Exterior Play yard design / layout
  • Exterior Materials / Sanitation / Security
  • Play yard amenities-Foliage, toys, equipment, etc
  • Assistance / feedback / direction during construction
  • Overview and recommendations on bedding, equipment, supplies and other durable amenities


To learn about our new Materials and suppliers Reference Guide, click here


For more on Building Design and Materials, click Here


….. your Financial Plan

We provide an easy-to-use, Excel based financial template, i.e. Profit & Loss Statements  for 3 years and for before “Doors Open”, easy to use Revenue Planners, Cash Flow statements , Capital Start-up Costs.

We wil participate in developing 3-year financial plan.  We’ll help you determin where to obtain cost forecasts and to obtain good estimates.


We can provide financial planning “comps” or “reality checks” for financial assumptions where appropriate. These are based off of our start up from our business, as well as our experience with others in the industry.  Some assumptions are market specific.


For More on Financing, Click Here



….. your Business Plan

We’ll help with development of a very professional  business plan for Bank, and Investor presentations.  Working with you, we will collaborate to help your bring your vision to life in a compelling PowerPoint based presentation that is comprehensive and persuasive.   Several of our clients have told us that their bank said that our business plans are “among the best they have seen from any business“.  In today’s challenging banking environment, this is a critical component of being able to successfully obtain financing.


…..your Client Services Plan

We can help you plan out what to focus on for services, determine your pricing and promotions.

–Guest & Client Services

–Optimization of price plan

–Program bundling / up-selling


….. your Marketing Plan

It is critical to get awareness of your new business established quickly.  In these days of media fragmentation, utilizing your marketing dollars efficiently is critical.  We can help with :

  • Broad-based development of Advertising, Publicity, Promotions, Directory and Special Events Programs and Budgets.  Click here to see how we succesfully have obtained local and national free publicity for Ruffin’ It Resort
  • Ready to print advertisements, press releases, promotions
  • Broad-based recommendations and direction on website development
  • Identify Strategic Partners
  • Review broad based vs. guerrilla marketing options
  • Review targeted marketing options
  • Identify continuity (repeat business) programs for current / new customers


More Service & Packages:

Stage 2: Financing Approval to Doors Open


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