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Building Design and Materials

Whether you are building from the ground up, or retro-fitting a purchased or leased space, most people are going to need some help here.  In order to develop a realistic business plan, and to have any credibility with investors and banks, you are going to have to obtain some “hard” costs on your building and build-out.

There is also a lot of “best practices” related to layout and materials for pet care.  You don’t want your facility to “smell like a kennel”, or have an ineffecient layout as to interior “traffic flow” for the pets or your workers.  Renee has learned a lot on this, and can help you avoid “do-overs” in this area.

We can show you some general floor plans as “idea starters”, and there are also some books available on this. This is a good way to get a starting point as you develop your vision.

Ultimately though, to get the hard numbers that you need, you will need to enlist the services of an architect and a builder, or someone experienced in “design / build services”.  We are not architects or designers, but we can be of assistance to you here in a number of ways.

First, we can provide  some “comps” on building costs to give you some preliminary “ballpark” ranges on costs.  This is also very useful in evaluating the quotes from an architect / builder.  Second, we have a lot of familiarity with the industry, with a lot of products from our own experience, and with our consulting business, have established relationships with many vendors in the industry.  Here are a couple  of our favorites :


If your architect / builder is not experienced in the pet care industry, we can work in conjunction with them to help on the correct layout and materials.

Even if you have someone experienced in the industry, we have had clients utilize our services to be their advocate / advisor in looking for areas to ensure that the prices / specifications of the project best meet their interests.

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