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Obtaining Financing

The Importance of a Good Business Plan

This may be your biggest challenge—putting together your Financial Plan, and your Bank / Investor Presentation.

For most entrepreneurs, writing a business plan is like doing the dreaded college term paper……something that is agonized over, procrastinated over, over-thought, doesn’t bring the business proposition to life, and therefore rarely completely read by the bank or investor !

In today’s economic environment,  having a credible Financial Plan and effective Business Plan presentation has never been more important !  We hear stories everyday of the challenge getting financing / credit given the current banking environment.

This is where Best In Show consulting can be of major assistance to you.  Our “3 Year Financial Plan Template” provides a highly professional, Excel based planning tool to develop and present your Capital Costs, Revenue plan, P & L, and Cash Flow—-all based on the cost structure of an established Boarding & Daycare Facility. 

We also believe that we can provide”Best In Show” assistance in preparing Bank / Investor Presentations.  Given our background in major corporations, we have prepared, and seen literally hundreds of presentations like this. 

Combined with our experience in the Boarding and Daycare Industry, we have an unbeatable ability to help you put together a comprehensive Business plan presentation, that clearly communicates by “telling a story” regarding your vision for a profitable business in the Boarding and Daycare Industry.

Several loan officers have described it as ” the best they have seen…”,  or “….better than what 95 % of people bring to us…..”


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