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Stage 2

Financing Approval to Doors Open

There is a lot of work that goes into developing your business plan and obtaining financing.  Once you get to this point, so much remains to prepare yourself and your business for a smooth, efficient start up.  We can help ensure that you “get up the learning curve” much more quickly, and make sure that your facility is ready to give your customers and your employees a positive experience right from day 1 !! 


We will help you address the concern of  “….. I don’t know what I don’t know…..” about running a Pet Care facility. We’ll provide turnkey & customized packages for the following (choose as many or as few as you like):

• Materials Purchase Assistance

• Human Resources Packages

• Policies & Procedures with Operational Template Packages

• On The Job Opportunities Package

• I.T. Package


Materials Purchase Assistance

Here too there are a lot of decisions to be made.  Here are just a few that we can help guide you through with some money saving suggestions :

What are the best, and safest cleaners to use ?

Is there an alternative to trench drains ?

Where do I find the best credit card processing provider ?

What kind of dog beds are easiest to keep clean ?  The most durable ?

Where can I get the best pricing on all of the pet supplies ?

mtls and supplyCapture

Contact us to obtain help in Materials Purchasing.


Human Resources Packages

Management and Hourly labor is the biggest operating expense you will have in this type of business.  You should expect to see a lot of time spent on hiring and training employees.  There are a lot of decisions to be made as to policies on vacations, meal breaks, salary administration, etc.  Importantly, in todays world, it is also crucial to be in compliance with Federal and State laws as to hiring, managing, and dismissing employees.  Being prepared in this area is crucial to saving you money and headaches !!

These are quite comprehensive documents.  Together, the Manager’s Toolkit and Employee Handbook are over 250 pages.

Either of the Human Resources Packages we offer are provided electronically in Word format, ready for you to edit and implement for your own facility.

HR – Package 1 (CUSTOMIZED for your state)

◦ HR Employee handbook customized for your facility (see below for Table of Contents).

◦ Preparation of initial administrative HR ‘Toolkit’ (contains forms to be executed and explanation for use of forms).

◦ Includes interviewing, new hire in-processing, termination.

◦ Templates for record keeping binder and safety data sheets. Instructions for use.

◦ Instructions on procurement of required federal and state labor law posters.

◦ Research on your state’s Department of Labor Wage and Hour laws.

HR – Package 2 – Not Customized

Note: These are NOT customized to your state. See Package 1 if you would like turn key customization.

◦ HR Employee handbook (see below for Table of Contents).

◦ Administrative HR ‘Toolkit’ (contains forms to be executed and explanation for use of forms).

◦ Includes interviewing, new hire in-processing, termination.

◦ Templates for record keeping binder and safety data sheets. Instructions for use.

◦ Instructions on procurement of required federal and state labor law posters.



HR Employee Handbook

Table of Contents:

* * * Included with both packages 1 & 2 * * *



◦Welcome to the team (Power Point Presentation)

◦Payroll Action Form

◦New Hire Checklist

◦Federal W4 Tax Form

◦State Tax Form

◦Form I-9

◦General COBRA Notice

◦Organization Chart

◦Job Description

◦Inherent Risk of Injury Acknowledgement

◦Orientation and Safety Training Expectations

◦Handbook Receipt

◦Acknowledgement of Harassment Policy

◦Email and Internet Use Acknowledgement

◦Employment At Will Acknowledgement


◦Equal Employment Opportunity

◦Non Discrimination and Anti Harassment

◦Americans With Disabilities/Fair Employment

◦Conflict of Interest and Outside Employment

◦Introductory Period

◦Phone List


◦Payment of Salary/Wages

◦Deduction from Pay – Exempt Team Members

◦Time Records

◦Personnel Records

◦Breaks and Meal Periods

◦Wage Garnishments

◦Expense Reimbursement




◦Immediate Dismissal/Misconduct

◦Progressive Discipline

◦Post Resignation/Termination Procedures

◦Exit Interview Form


◦Time Off To Vote

◦Paid Vacation and Personal Time

◦Sick Time



◦Jury Duty

◦Military Leave

◦Absence Due To Illness

◦Leave Under Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

◦Request for Time Off Form


◦Accidents and Emergencies

◦Workers Compensation and Return to Work


◦Satisfying Every Guest-Making Dreams Come True

◦Attendance, Punctuality and Dependability

◦No Call/No Show

◦Job Performance

◦Performance Reviews


◦Drug and Alcohol Abuse

◦Appearance and Conduct

◦Violence in the Workplace

◦Open Door Policy

◦Complaints from Customers


◦Email and Internet Use

◦Employer Information and Property

◦Use of company Equipment and Computer System

◦Telephone Use

◦Internal Investigations and Searches

◦Reference Checks



◦Spot Awards

◦Team Member Development

◦Team Member Incident Report

◦Employer’s First Report of Injury

◦Safety Training Documentation Form

◦Spot Award Nomination Form



◦Health Insurance

◦Retirement Plan

◦Workers Compensation Benefits

◦State Continuation/Conversion of Insurance

◦Team Member Discounts



Policies & Procedures and Operational Template Packages

“If you’re going to invest in just one area of your operation, this is it!…..” Renee

Writing policies and procedures can be a daunting and time consuming task that is critical to running your operation. I wish tools like these manuals we developed would have been available when I started Ruffin’ It Resort- they would have made us operationally efficient right out of the gate. These have made my entire team’s tasks go smoothly and as effortlessly as possible.

It took us two years to write and optimize these policies & procedures, and we continually update them to ensure it has the best learning that we, and the industry has available.  Together, the Policies and Procedures and the Operational templates are over 500 pages, organized by topic, providing a thorough set of documents designed to achieve a well run, buttoned up facility.

They are available in word format, ready for you to edit and customize to your operation. You’ll receive an electronic version of the documents, to allow for inclusion of your logo, as well as easy editing to customize it to your facility


Policies & Procedures:

Pack Leader (Manager) Survival Guide


  • Effective Parent Communication
  • Follow up Phone Calls
  • How to Handle Incident Reports
  • Parent & Caretaker Communication Reference Sheet
  • Team Member Attendance
  • The Ultimate facility Tour Guide
  • Viable Options for Future Stays
  • Words to Lose & Words to Choose


Front Desk Operations

◦Shift Responsibilities

◦Front Desk Runner Tasks

◦Cleaning Tasks

◦Client Relations

◦4 Paws to First Impressions


◦Dealing with Upset Clients

◦Customer Relations Report


◦Enrollment Application








◦Holiday and Peak Seasons

◦Telephone Procedures

◦Answering the Telephone




◦Communication Notes

◦Client File Notes

◦Incident Reports

◦Transfer Sheets

◦Hotel and Daycare Procedure

◦Front Desk Daycare Procedure

◦Front Desk Hotel Procedure


◦Wait List

◦Pooches In Pajamas ( PIP) Slumber Party


◦Selling PIP

◦Special Requirements

◦Front Desk Responsibilities

◦Emergency Procedures

◦Tornado and Severe Weather


Hotel Operations


◦A.M. Shift Duties

◦P.M. Shift Duties

◦Night Manager Duties

◦Weekend Duties

◦Manager On-Call

◦Direct Care of Guests Arrival of Guests

◦Feeding Guests

◦Medicating Guests

◦Monitoring Guests

◦Potty Breaks

◦Behavioral Issues

◦Flower Essences

◦Use of Patios and Patio Doors



◦Health Checks

◦Departure of Guests

◦Sick Guest Protocol


◦Speaking with the Parents

◦Taking an ill Dog to the Veterinarian


Non-carpeted Room Cleaning

◦Carpeted Room Cleaning

◦Weekly Cleaning Tasks


◦Cleaning Dishes

◦Accidents Indoors


Daycare Operations

◦Daycare Amenities List

◦Daycare Lunches

◦Break Coverage for Daycare Staff

◦Customer Relations



◦Customer Phone Calls

◦Hotel Communications

◦Case Management Notes

◦Room Labels

◦Kennel Connection Task Sheets

◦Hotel Report Card

◦Boo-Boo Report

◦Incident Report

◦Transfer Sheet

◦Pooches in Pajamas

◦General Policies and Guidelines Preparation

◦Night Shift

◦Daily Tasks

◦Daycare Hours of Operation

◦Morning/First Shift Tasks

◦Afternoon/Evening Shift Tasks

◦Daycare Report Cards


◦Canine Care

◦Supervision of Dog Play and Behavior

◦Canine Caretaker’s Role

◦Arriving and Departing Dogs

◦Slow Introductions

◦First Day of Daycare

◦Dogs that come on a regular basis

◦Departing Daycare Dogs

◦Daycare Incident Reports

◦Roto Wash Procedure

◦Saturday Playgroups

◦Play Park Preparation

◦Interaction with Clients

◦Hotel Responsibilities

◦Ruffin’ It Refinement School

◦Waste Removal and Sanitation

◦Inside Accidents

◦Outside Waste Removal

Operational Templates & Forms

We’ve found that the key to smooth running operations is to have a good system.  Included in our Policies and Procedures is a complete set of forms / templates to help organize work and employee communications.  Remember, you will be responsible for ensuring that a lot of critical tasks, such as the administration of medications, are correctly handled.  Look through the following list of items, and ask yourself—-How would I develop these ?  How long would it take me ?  How would my employees handle the areas in this list without this guidance ? We highly recommend that you have this thought through, and recommend our Policies and Procedures to help you!

◦Case Management Notes Front Desk

◦Case Management Notes Hotel

◦Case Management Notes Daycare

◦Front Desk Incident Report

◦Customer Relations Report

◦Dog Incident Report

◦Dog Transfer Papers

◦Hotel Voicemail Message Log

◦Hazard Observation Notification

◦Pet Profile

◦Rules and Regulations

◦Client Agreement

◦Facility Rental Agreement

◦Daycare Temperament Test

◦AM Tasks Check Off

◦Paw Wax List

◦No Treats List

◦PM Tasks Check Off

◦Alternate Checkout Form

◦Cash Countdown

◦Tours Sign Up

◦Wait List


◦Daycare Amenities List

◦Daycare Cancellation Reminder

◦Front Desk Facility Wide Cleaning Tasks

◦Hotel Rates Guide with Estimate

◦Playgroup Sign In Large Dog

◦Playgroup Sign In Small Dog

◦Private Function Sign In

◦Office Supply List

◦Hotel Task List

◦Weekly Hotel Task List

◦Night Manager Task List

◦Hotel Facility Wide Cleaning Task List

◦Hotel Report Card Activities

◦Boo-Boo Report Card

◦Daycare Report Card – Full Page

◦Daycare Report Card – Half Page

◦Football Saturday Daycare Report Card

◦Hotel Report Card

◦Pooches In Pajamas Report Card

◦Refinement School Report Card

◦Applicant Interview Form

◦Daily Training Sign-Off

◦Team Member Attendance Controller

◦Payroll Action Form

◦Time Punch Adjustment Form

◦Variance Sheet

◦Shift Change Request Form

◦Team Member Suggestion Form

◦Team Member Self-Appraisal

◦Team Member Performance Appraisal

◦Performance Appraisal Goals

◦Team Member Warning Notice

◦Exit Interview Form

◦Schedule Grid



 I.T. Package

The world of computers and technology is rapidly changing. This presents you with both challenges and opportunities to capitalize on new technologies, and ensure that your business  is “customer friendly” and “employee friendly” to operate.  We can help you sort through these issues, and have an I.T . professional on retainer to help address how to integrate all of today’s technologies :


  • Server / Interface
  • Backup System
  • Guest Reservations Platform
  • Financial Platform
  • Website Development
  • Employee Scheduling Platform
  • Telephone System
  • Central Sound (music & paging) system
  • Web-cam & Televisions (link to live web-cam)







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